Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weddings and Walking

We spent the past weekend in Shreveport for a cousin's wedding...

Dancing with Dad

At a Post family breakfast the next morning, all eyes were on Tate. You don't think he'll be spoiled, do you? 

Then at lunch with the Shreveport Dodsons, Tate was very pleased to play with the toys of his first-cousins-once-removed, as he proceeded to make numerous joyous laps around the patio with this walker. 

He also demonstrated his new ability to walk short distances! Only a matter of time until he's sprinting.


LKW said...

Let the chasing begin!!! He is so cute. Are you guys heading to Jtown anytime during the holidays? Would love to see you and mini-me. Oh and Mr. Tomfoolery too.

Sarah said...

Greatness! Love that you got to make the trip to see family and celebrate a wedding...hard to do with a baby...but great when you can!