Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kill Bill

We think Tate stayed awake last night plotting ways to destroy Bill Murray. He woke up this morning and this is one of the first things he did...I love how he looks so proud at the end. 

note: I removed the sound from this video so you don't hear me laughing and Rob singing (yes, singing) and then me telling Rob to stop singing in the background. Trust me, it's better this way. 

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My kid hates Bill Murray

Rob has a Caddy Shack figurine he was given by his brother Lamar -- it's Bill Murray's character and when you push a button the figurine yells lines from the movie. It's lovely, really: 

Anyway, it was in our gameroom and Tate pushed the button one day and Bill yelled "It's in the hole!" and Tate leaped into my arms and started crying. He was clearly afraid of him, so we put Bill away. That was a couple months ago.

Tonight Rob was tired of trying to keep Tate out of our room (we have to leave the door open because of our cats) so he retrieved Bill and had him stand guard in the doorway. Sure enough, Tate started motoring toward our room and froze halfway down the hall when he spotted his arch nemesis. 

I caught part of the standoff on film: 

Poor Tate. A lifetime of no Caddy Shack. No Saturday Night Live classics. No Lost in Translation. And God forbid that Groundhog Day ever comes on TV. 

Friday, November 28, 2008

Go Rebs!

This is how Ole Miss fans usually end the season...

But it's halftime in the Ole Miss/Mississippi State game, and with a score of 31-0, we feel fairly comfortable saying Hotty Toddy this year! Hopefully the Rebs will be coming to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"That Mom"

I was "That Mom" today. You know, the one who is standing in the grocery store line with her kid and he starts screaming because he wants something and you won't let him have it and then the screams get louder and so you just grab it and buy it real quick to make him be quiet while all the other non-Moms around you (whom you were just like only a year ago) are thinking "tsk, tsk" in their heads but all you can think is "thank gawd he's not screaming anymore."  Yes, that was me today. Tate now has a Hannah Montana balloon. 

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tate Words IV

We all know UT fans can be irritating, but Tate clearly had enough trash talking from Chloe.

photo courtesy of daycare webcam.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weddings and Walking

We spent the past weekend in Shreveport for a cousin's wedding...

Dancing with Dad

At a Post family breakfast the next morning, all eyes were on Tate. You don't think he'll be spoiled, do you? 

Then at lunch with the Shreveport Dodsons, Tate was very pleased to play with the toys of his first-cousins-once-removed, as he proceeded to make numerous joyous laps around the patio with this walker. 

He also demonstrated his new ability to walk short distances! Only a matter of time until he's sprinting.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

One Year

Tate had his 12-month well-baby appointment last week, and the stats are:

Height: 30 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 23 pounds (50th percentile)
Head: 19 inches (90th percentile)

In other words, he's built like the candy-holder decoration from his birthday party:

At one year, Tate is:
  • Eating table food only (no more baby food!)
  • Drinking from a cup only (no more bottles!)
  • Drinking milk instead of formula (which equates to a $100/month raise for us!)
  • Saying words like "dah" for dog and "bah" for ball and "duh" for duck. (But only on occasion and if he's in a good mood and if the moon is full and it's Thursday.)
  • Still not saying mama (grrr)
He took four steps on Friday night while at my parents' house, so we fully expect him to be walking soon.

Finally, while Rob was out of town this weekend I spent a fascinating and exciting Saturday night playing with iMovie on our Mac. I made this little video of Tate's first year. (Basically, we spent waaaay too much on professional pictures of Tate this past year, and I needed to do something with all the prints...)

Elvis is Everywhere

We can report that Elvis is indeed alive, based on these multiple sightings over the Halloween weekend....

Everyone knows that Elvis had a fondness for sweets.

And then there are the major corporate endorsement deals. Here he takes time to do some photo-ops (and a little trick-or-treating) at FedEx Office. He looks a little miffed that he has to share his celebrity status with Buzz Lightyear. 

 Elvis always traveled with his posse. Here he is celebrating his buddy Brendan's first birthday along with Caitlyn. These three go way back, having gone to school together since they were just babies.

After so many demands on him, it's easy to see why Elvis turned to the bottle. It's tough being The King.