Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turning Three, Halloween and Other Things That Happened While I Wasn't Blogging...

Gotta get things caught up before the holidays are upon us, so here are the updates in sped-up style like the recaps of Glee each week:

So here's what you missed in the Robertson family...

Tate turned three and had his three-year-old doctor appointment. The doctor chewed out Jenny because she said "bedtime is a battle" and told her she was headed for an appearance on "Super Nanny." But that's all OK because Tate got a clean bill of health and has a height of 36.5" and a weight of 30.5 pounds, which means he's a little small for his age, but that's all OK because Rob was small until high school and then had a growth spurt.

Two days after the same pediatrician told me to stop worrying about Tate not being potty-trained and that it would happen when Tate was ready, Tate decided he was ready. And he was. And it was done. Just like that.

Then Halloween was upon us and Tate was a spider because he really, really wanted to be one. Even though Jenny bought a really cute dinosaur costume. I mean really cute. But he insisted on being a spider. So Jenny bought a spider costume and put the dinosaur costume on ebay. And then Jenny put the spider costume on Tate and he said "I want to be a dinosaur." Jenny told him he was three and that she would not reason with him anymore and that he was going to be a spider and he was going to love it. (And Jenny is sure that if she mentions all of this to the pediatrician, he will not only invoke the Super Nanny name again, but he will dial up the producers on the spot.) But Tate did love it.

He also loved passing out the candy more than collecting it, and even though I posted this video on Facebook several weeks ago, it's just so awesome that I'm posting it again.

We also went to a pumpkin patch and Tate rearranged the pumpkins and drove some tractors.

Now that Tate is three, we feel the need to list a few things he does, in threes.

Tate loves cars, trucks and dinosaurs.

His favorite books, which he can recite from memory, are "The Monster at the End of This Book," "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?" and "Pete the Cat."

His favorite songs are "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Five Little Monkeys Sitting in the Tree," and "Sugarfoot" by Black Joe Lewis.

His favorite things to say, or -- more accurately -- OUR favorite things he says, are "Nooooo thank you!," "Something's missing!" and "I'll be right back. Don't move."

Oh, and in the middle of all that, Jenny announced she was pregnant and expecting a baby on May 8.

And that's what you missed in the life of the Robertsons....