Tuesday, April 28, 2009

18 months

Tate is 18 months old and getting more and more personality every day. For my own records/posterity, his stats are: 

Weight: 26.6 pounds (60%)
Height: 32 inches (50%)
Head circumference: 19.5 inches (90%) 

At his 18-month appointment, his doctor asked me if I had any concerns and I said "Well, he doesn't say words on his own. He only says things if I prompt him." At that exact moment, Tate picked up his toy cell phone and said "Hello!!!" and then he shut it and said "Bye Bye!!" I just looked at Dr. Beth and said "Um...nevermind...." in a small little voice.  

In other milestones, Tate is turning into a little goofball. He knows how to make us laugh and he knows how to work a crowd. For example....watch as he takes a lemon and makes lemonade...or at least makes us laugh....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Separated at Birth?

A video installment of Separated at Birth...

The relevant part of this clip is from :28 to :38.:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poppy, Linda and Easter

After returning from San Francisco, we had a visit from Poppy and Linda! We got some Texas bbq, did some shopping at the flagship Neiman's, ran around on a playground, and Linda got us started on painting a new step-stool for Tate's bathroom. It was a really nice visit. 

Here they are, with one of Linda's paintings over each shoulder! 

Poppy and Tate are looking for the Easter bunny. 

Tate liked bouncing on Poppy's knee. 

Tate may look all sweet and innocent in his little Easter suit....

But he's still a boy who likes to throw eggs and has a skinned up knee! 

Monday, April 13, 2009

San Francisco

We headed out to San Francisco to see the newest Robertson cousin, Cecilia, and visit with Rob's two brothers and their families.  The city suits Tate well because the child rarely napped and just kept going full-speed late into the night, every night, without fussing. It was great. I have tons of pictures, so bear with me as I post a bunch....

On the ferry from Sausalito to the city

Visiting AT&T Ballpark. This picture makes me think of "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil." We're just missing the "Hear No Evil." 

Tate loved chasing his DC cousins Beck and Caroline around the Botanical Garden!

Nice form and follow through, huh? Can you say "scholarship?" 

Walking not-so softly and carrying a not-so big stick. 

Chris and Sarah have a great professional photographer friend who came out to snap some shots of the family and the cousins. For some reason, we chose this moment to let Tate taste an apple for the first time. He liked it so much that he refused to give it up for the pictures. There is no telling how the pics are gonna turn out. Can you say "PhotoShop?" 

San Francisco has the best playgrounds around. Tate took a spin in this contraption at Golden Gate Park. 

We visited the Exploratorium, a fantastic hands-on children's science museum. Tate played in the toddler area and had a ball. I can't wait until he's old enough to try everything else. 

Back at Chris and Sarah's fabulous house in Sausalito, Sarah created a fun Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Although there were gifts hidden throughout the house, Tate was content to play with the plastic eggs. 

Sitting around, opening gifts. It was like a mini-Christmas. 

Tate wasn't sure what to make of tiny Cecilia. 

Love the cheeks! 

Cecilia had the best seat in the house. This window and patio beside her look out over the Bay. What a life! 

Tate met a little girl at the airport who was literally 'chasing some tail.' She really liked Tate. He wasn't so sure what to think. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

In a tight spot

I have lots of pictures to come from our adventures West this week. In the meantime, enjoy seeing Tate get himself into some jams...I have no idea why he likes to do this, but I frequently find him cramming himself into small places....

I was only a few seconds too late to get a shot of him crammed inside this little cabinet in his closet...this is him unfolding himself out of it...note the blankets on the floor that he pulled out of the cabinet in order to climb into it:

And my personal favorite...