Sunday, November 2, 2008

Elvis is Everywhere

We can report that Elvis is indeed alive, based on these multiple sightings over the Halloween weekend....

Everyone knows that Elvis had a fondness for sweets.

And then there are the major corporate endorsement deals. Here he takes time to do some photo-ops (and a little trick-or-treating) at FedEx Office. He looks a little miffed that he has to share his celebrity status with Buzz Lightyear. 

 Elvis always traveled with his posse. Here he is celebrating his buddy Brendan's first birthday along with Caitlyn. These three go way back, having gone to school together since they were just babies.

After so many demands on him, it's easy to see why Elvis turned to the bottle. It's tough being The King. 


Rob said...

Love that little guy.

Sarah said...

This post got over-shadowed by the stinkin' cute video. Very funny. He needed a picture with the Chaquita banana lady...but didn't happen.