Sunday, November 2, 2008

One Year

Tate had his 12-month well-baby appointment last week, and the stats are:

Height: 30 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 23 pounds (50th percentile)
Head: 19 inches (90th percentile)

In other words, he's built like the candy-holder decoration from his birthday party:

At one year, Tate is:
  • Eating table food only (no more baby food!)
  • Drinking from a cup only (no more bottles!)
  • Drinking milk instead of formula (which equates to a $100/month raise for us!)
  • Saying words like "dah" for dog and "bah" for ball and "duh" for duck. (But only on occasion and if he's in a good mood and if the moon is full and it's Thursday.)
  • Still not saying mama (grrr)
He took four steps on Friday night while at my parents' house, so we fully expect him to be walking soon.

Finally, while Rob was out of town this weekend I spent a fascinating and exciting Saturday night playing with iMovie on our Mac. I made this little video of Tate's first year. (Basically, we spent waaaay too much on professional pictures of Tate this past year, and I needed to do something with all the prints...)


Rebekah said...

Great job Jenny Spielberg. My brother-in-law Jeremy used the same music for Luke's first birthday picture montage so it was nice to hear it again. Happy Birthday Tate!

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Seriously....could he GET any cuter (Yes, I'm doing Chandler from "Friends.") Fo' real---he's a BEAUTIFUL baby! SOOOOOOO cute --and so well put together. I wish I had your tech skillz...but even if Aaron goes out of town there's a good chance that I won't do anything that good. Wait, make that a really good chance.

emjay said...

O.K. JJ, I TOLD you not to make me cry and you did anyway. Tate is just so special!

Anonymous said...


I got goose bumps! Great choice of songs, and while I have no idea how much you actually spent on pictures of your beautiful boy this first year, I would argue it wasn't too much! He is such a photogenic babe.

By God's Design said...

Love it! Can't believe how fast these babes grow up!

Rob said...

Such a great video. I can't watch it at work - I can't even start it at work because I always get a little verklempt.

Sarah said...

UGH! That kills me! He's so stinkin' cute...and even though I haven't spent quality time with him, I love him from the love you and Rob show and your whole darn family show all the time. So sweet. And yes, great song choice. I would have also accepted James Taylor's Your Smiling Face...but that's more conducive to action shots rather than still shots.
Love the video. You guys are fab.