Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tate TV

Check out this little short clip of Tate. It is one of several videos that will be used to introduce a segment called "Your Child's Health" on the local news. And before you think I've gone all "stage mom"...Rob works in the PR department for the children's hospital that created these.

Sidebar: I actually had Tate in a very cute little one-piece corduroy romper for the shoot. We arrived and found that they were using a green screen. The romper was green. Not wanting Tate to look like a head floating by, I had to take off the carefully-selected boutique outfit and put him in the ratty jeans I keep in his diaper bag in case of accidents. Figures. 

And so, without further ado, I give you Tate's TV Debut! (Don't blink or you'll miss it) 

Friday, March 20, 2009

It takes a village...or at least a couple of cops

I took a day off work earlier this week, and Tate and I decided to meet Rob for lunch at Cantina Laredo, a fairly nice Mexican restaurant. On one side of our table was a table with three businessmen in ties and on the other side was a table with two cops. You can already tell this isn't going to be a good story right? Well, Tate was an ANGEL. Ate all his lunch. Didn't throw it. Didn't scream. Rob and I were patting ourselves on the back for such a successful dining outing. 

So at the end of this fantastically peaceful meal, I tried to pull Tate out of his highchair. I was in an awkward position, so I put him back down in the chair and started to walk around to get on the other side of him. Of course the very second he was unbuckled and I was out of reach, he immediately started trying to get out on his own. This resulted in him sliding down the chair so that his head was on the seat and his body was dangling. He started to scream. I jump over to the front and try to pull him out, but he's stuck. He starts to scream more. The two cops jump up. One of them grabs his head. The other one grabs his legs. They try to pull him out through the bottom of the chair. His head gets stuck. He screams louder. A business guy from the next table jumps up. He says "Wait! I have a  two year old and know what to do!" He helps bend and maneuver Tate while one cop is holding the chair and other one is holding Tate's legs. They finally get Tate out, I grab him, hug him and look around to find the entire restaurant in silence and staring. 

Yep, I take one day off to stay home with Tate and we need police intervention. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Rob was watching the whole time. (But in all honesty, the way our table was positioned, he couldn't have gotten to Tate if he tried. The cops were much closer). 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Separated at Birth?

John Wayne's sidekick Gabby Hayes is the inspiration for Tate's sideways hat stylings. Tate was dressed up for a night out with the grandparents in historic Western-style Grapevine.  

Friday, March 13, 2009

Funky town

Yes, Rob and I both already posted this on our facebook pages, but some things just deserve to be repeated.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tate and Bill Make Up

As faithful readers will recall, Tate had a falling out with Bill Murray. 

First, there was the showdown:  Click here

Then, there was the beatdown:  Click here

And now, we have the make up: 

Whew. We can watch Groundhog Day again.