Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Slugger

Tate has been obsessed with golf since he could walk, but now baseball is coming in a close second. At my parents' house a couple weeks ago, he started swinging a vacuum attachment at balls tossed to him...and hitting them! We soon found a plastic bat and used the vacuum attachment as a tee (because we were growing tired of tossing the ball) and then it was all over. We couldn't get him to stop, and now all he wants to do is "play ball." Here is some video from the first night...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tate Words


As in, what they had to do to me when I picked up Tate and saw him dressed like this:

I dropped him off at school today in a nice red/navy striped Polo shirt with khaki shorts and Nike sneakers. And THIS is what he looked like when I picked him up. Apparently potty training did not go so well today and I forgot to bring an extra change of clothes. (Outfit courtesy of Tate's teachers. Finger in nose courtesy of Tate.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Busy Days

With the cooler temps, we've been keeping busy...

We went to the zoo:

Eagerly awaiting the train:

Happy to be on the train!

While on the train, we encountered a sleeping longhorn. Tate kept shushing us every time we'd try to talk because the cow was "sweeping." I got a little bit of the interaction on video. And it kind of makes you wonder who is the adult and who is the toddler....

Then we went to see Nick Jr's Storytime Live show at Verizon Theater with friends Valerie and Hank. The highlight for Tate, though, was wrestling with Hank in the lobby after the show. All the way home he said "Where's Frank?" and when I would say, "you mean HANK?" and he would say "NO, I mean FRANK!!!"

And not pictured from the past weekend are playing miniature golf at Mountasia (I got beat fair and square by Tate!) and hitting home runs over Mia and Big Guy's fence into the wee hours.

It's all enough to make you fall asleep on your feet: