Saturday, November 29, 2008

My kid hates Bill Murray

Rob has a Caddy Shack figurine he was given by his brother Lamar -- it's Bill Murray's character and when you push a button the figurine yells lines from the movie. It's lovely, really: 

Anyway, it was in our gameroom and Tate pushed the button one day and Bill yelled "It's in the hole!" and Tate leaped into my arms and started crying. He was clearly afraid of him, so we put Bill away. That was a couple months ago.

Tonight Rob was tired of trying to keep Tate out of our room (we have to leave the door open because of our cats) so he retrieved Bill and had him stand guard in the doorway. Sure enough, Tate started motoring toward our room and froze halfway down the hall when he spotted his arch nemesis. 

I caught part of the standoff on film: 

Poor Tate. A lifetime of no Caddy Shack. No Saturday Night Live classics. No Lost in Translation. And God forbid that Groundhog Day ever comes on TV. 


KJ Druyvesteyn said...

That thing is CREEPY. I bet it works better than a security system at keeping the bad guys away. Put it on your front porch. Really.

And, start saving for the therapy that Tate is going to need b/c of that creepy figurine. Plus it talks? Forget it. Cash in your 401K --you will need it for the therapy.

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! Find your happy place!