Monday, July 21, 2008


We had a great visit to Mississippi this weekend. We spent Friday in Oxford visiting Rob's mom, "Nanny-sippi" and the rest of the weekend in Jackson with Rob's Dad, "Poppy" and Linda.

The highlight for Tate (and us) was the food...Linda is an amazing cook, and Tate gobbled up everything from fresh bananas and avocado to spaghetti, roasted sweet potato, corn, black-eyed peas, and oatmeal. I've never seen him eat like he did this weekend. He's in for a rude awakening tomorrow....I can just hear him with his teacher tomorrow morning: "excuse me, but I hope that jar you are about to open contains steel cut Irish oatmeal, because you know that is all I will eat now." (Note to Rob: Don't even try that line with me.)

We also got to meet Mr. Michael Wright Wallace who was born on Monday to our friends Lauren and Jeremy! He is absolutely beautiful.

A few pictures from the trip:

Checking out the famous Square Books in Oxford with Nanny-sippi

Nanny-sippi points out the "Robertson Boys" post on the fence at Avent Park.

BeBe the cat weighs the same as Tate, which did not stop Tate from chasing BeBe all weekend. Here, a rare moment where BeBe is letting Tate pet him while Poppy and Linda supervise. (Note the awesome Tate-sized chair painted by Linda.)

Dancing with Poppy

Hanging with the guys.


KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Cute. Love the "hangin' with the guys" pic.

Just so you know, there is a questionnaire for you on my blog.... we are all anxiously awaiting your answers: )

Sarah said...

Look at Tate's sassy/smug face in the boys pic! KJ, is that too much 'tude for you? Is he reminding you of cats?

Anonymous said...

Ok Sarah, no cross-referencing blogs! I was very confused. I thought KJ might have a problem with the musical Cats or maybe just very vocal about not liking cats to the point that Sarah had already heard about it. It took me a few blog clicks to know what was going on! However KJ, I share your disdain for the animals cats. I tried to let Jenny's cats loose when she was out of town last weekend. One just sat and stared at me and the other never came out from under the bed. Apparently cats don't come when you call their name and I sure as heck wasn't going to pick one up!

Rebekah said...

Where is your blog??? All you have is a header and a profile pic and for real, in the pic you aren't even naked as your name implies you always are.

Sarah said...

So sorry NAN!...BUT...wasn't it fun to figure it out?! I experienced the same thing earlier on someone's blog (cannot remember where) when Angie referenced seemingly rude things about Rob only to later read that Jenny had already mentioned those things (in a loving tone, I'm sure) in a previous comment. Whew.

And yes, cats don't come when you call them. Perhaps bell jingling would work next time! :c)

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

NAN...maybe the cats were just afraid of your nakedness?