Thursday, July 24, 2008

9 Months

Tate is 9 months old today. He had his checkup, and his stats are:

Height: 29 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 21 lbs, 6 oz (50th percentile)
Head: 18.5 in (90th percentile, or, as my Dad, whose own noggin size is legendary, likes to say: "You can't park a Cadillac in a garage built for a Volkswagen.")

We had a scare when they pricked his finger for a routine anemia test...his blood would not clot. So our pediatrician ordered more bloodwork and tests, and we were there for several hours. Luckily, his platelet counts came back normal, which means it is not any of the more serious conditions that could cause problems with clotting. We are now waiting for more information from the other tests, but we are very relieved that the platelet counts were good. It was a rough day for Tate and for us, but there are a lot more children with far more serious concerns, so we are grateful.

Other notes about Tate at 9 months...he is now:
  • Pulling himself up to his feet
  • Very good and very fast at crawling
  • Starting to cruise around the furniture
  • Saying Da-Da
  • Eating table foods
And, his most important milestone achievement at nine months:

He has been to Vaught-Hemingway stadium. 
We are so proud.


Rebekah said...

What's Vaught-Hemmingway stadium? Some great stadium in Texas???

Anonymous said...

Milestone? More like learning to be a good loser?? If you want milestone, take him to the Grove and give him beer!

The Robertson Family said...

Oh, don't worry, he did that too in Oxford. But those pictures are on our other blog, "To the Jail and Back."

And Rebecca, Vaught-Hemingway is the football stadium at Ole Miss, where Rob and I went to school. It is the equivalent of a middle school football field in Texas.

The Robertson Family said...

Sorry Rebekah -- I misspelled your name. In my defense, it is easy to do with all the names you go by...Bek, Bekah, Bekkster, Poney...

Rebekah said...

thank you Chris for the Poney nickname getting out......

Sarah said...

Precious picture...but scarey check-up! I am thankful you got some immediate results about the clotting issue, though.

Margaret has a big head as gotta have something to hold the big brains, right?

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Okay, maybe we are going to have to have a "Noggin contest" tomorrow....I bet Landon has EVERYONE beat. He never had a 9 month checkup so I don't have any stats....but at 6 months, Landon's head was 17 3/6". The sweet boy doesn't have a neck either--his big head goes right into his shoulders. My husband said he was the same way as a little boy and now he has a neck so the future is looking bright. Whew.

I would have been nervous about the whole "clotting issue" too but glad to hear that it all came back okay. YEAH TATE!

Keep Your Eyes on the Stars said...

Wow...he is so big compared to my little bug. We were barely in the 10%. We have to go back at 10 months to see if we have gained enough weight. I am glad that you got back some quick results!! He is a cutie!!

pink is the new black said...

OK, Jenny, hopefully you will read this...its a little far on your list Graelyn's 1 year, yes, that's 1 year check up here were her stats:
weight: 19lbs. 9oz. (25%)
height: 29 1/4inc. (75%)
head: I think it was the EXACT same as Tate's is now...I'll have to double check my sheet they gave me...too funny...I just think, generally, boys are bigger and that's a good I always tell Kim, just be glad people are saying these things about your SON and not your DAUGHTER:)

Alexa Noreen Gregoire Stuart said...

He already dresses like an Ole Miss frat boy.