Friday, July 1, 2011

Splitting Hairs

Tate has always been known for his signature haircut which has been described as "anchorman hair" or "church hair." We get his hair cut at Cool Cuts 4 Kids because it has a train table and he can sit in a fire engine and watch Dora and not scream bloody murder like he does at any other salon that does not have the above-mentioned amenities.

The problem with Cool Cuts is that the turnover is high and we always have a different stylist. But I always give the same instructions: "clippers set to '4' on the sides and scissor cut on the top, leaving it long enough for me to brush the bangs to the side." (aka: anchorman hair)

The result has been decent, usually:

But EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to get his haircut right before a visit to Mississippi -- where he will be seeing relatives he only sees maybe once per year -- the result has been consistently off. Mississippi is the land of shaggy frat-boy haircuts and yet Tate has been there sporting...

The Bowl Cut
Mississippi 2009

The Army Cut
Mississippi 2010

 The Hairstylist Was Drunk or Standing On A Rocking Boat When She Cut The Front Cut
Mississippi 2011


Mrs. Butts said...

He is cute no matter what the haircut. Funny blog by the way.

The Robertson Family said...

Thanks Lorrie! Didn't realize you have a blog, it! The girls are so adorable.