Monday, July 18, 2011

Hooray for Cousins!

For Nanny-sippi's 70th birthday, Rob's brothers and their families came from the East and West coasts to celebrate with us at our house last week. I didn't get many pictures due to the chaos, but wanted to share a few....

Cousin Cecilia from California (say that three times fast) and Tate instantly bonded and had a blast together. They also got in lots of book reading with Nanny-sippi:  

On the actual birthday, we had a party at our house and the grandkids all wore matching "R" shirts (in a bandana print in honor of the Texas visit!)  with their names monogrammed on them just for the occasion.  Pictured with Tate below are Caroline (9, almost 10, yrs old), Cecilia (2.5 yrs) and Beck (7 yrs). Caroline and Beck live in Silver Spring, MD and Cecilia lives in Fairfax, CA.
Surely another aunt or uncle got a better shot?!? Anyone? Anyone? 

Then it was cake time....

And what party is complete without a little dancing? In this picture, Tate may be teaching everyone the "bottom dance."  Or this may have been during "Baby Got Back." Both occurred.

Then it was off to Legoland, where Tate tried to distract Dirk Nowitzki with his balloon sword in order to steal away the basketball. He's been watching too many thug Lakers and Heat players: 

There were a lot of Legos.

There was also much water park visiting, movie watching, food eating, birthday shopping and, well, just baby chilling:

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Sarah said...

What a fun family time! And, it reminds me that how fortunate we are to live in this part of Texas--so much to do! What a great meeting location for the fam.
Oh, and we call the dance you guys were doing the "shake your buns" dance. It is done often in these parts, as well.