Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lillian Jane Robertson

Lillian Jane Robertson arrived on May 2, 2011 at 7:22 a.m.  She weighed 8 lbs 10 oz and was 21 inches long. As she was being delivered, I heard the nurse say "she's got a lot of hair" and then, even louder, "and look at those cheeks!" ... and I knew instantly, before I had even seen her, that this child was mine.

Tate gets his first peek at LJ 

We had a lot of family and friends visit at the hospital. Click here to see pictures of LJ's visitors.

Tate passes out pink bubble gum cigars and says "It's a Girl!" 
We have been home a week now with Lily Jane, and although my recovery has been more difficult this time around, everything else has been easier. She is very laid-back and easy-going. At one point I told Rob I was concerned something was wrong because she so rarely cried. He said something was wrong with my head.

Getting ready to go home
Tate adores his baby sister and asks to hold her frequently. He runs straight to her every afternoon when he gets home from preschool.  Watching him with her makes everything seem right in the world.

In fact, everything IS right and we already can't imagine our life without sweet Lily Jane!

Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

What exactly are you calling her? 
Her full name is Lillian Jane, and while she is young we are calling her Lily Jane -- a double name. We also shorten it to Lily or just LJ, so really anything goes. We anticipate that the 'Jane' will be dropped eventually, much like my sister Nancy Beth eventually became known as just Nancy to everyone but me. Texas is not as accustomed to double names as the Deep South is, and we had one woman poke her head into my hospital room after seeing our "Lily Jane" door hanging and ask if she could see "the twins Lily and Jane."

The name comes from both her grandmothers -- Lillian Janette (Rob's mom) and Janet Lillian (my mom) who both were named after their grandmothers named Lillian.

Who does she look like? 
I'm told by my family that she looks exactly as I did as a newborn, but I had even more hair. (She was born at 39 weeks and I was born at 42.5 weeks so who knows what kind of crazy monkey hair she might have had if she had baked as long as I did!). Tate looked like Rob as a newborn, so we are even. We think her eyes may turn brown like Rob's and can't wait to find out!

Will she have her own blog like Tate does? 
No, I have changed the url for the blog to "" and will post about both children there. The old address ( will still get you there, though. Figuring out how to make all that happen only took me about 10 hours of screaming at the Interwebs.

Are you getting any sleep?

Do you have any other pictures? 
Well since you asked...

The Nursery

Getting acquainted with her crib for the first time

First Bath

After the duck  hair!

Off to her first doctor's appointment
A few other memorable notes about Lily Jane's arrival that I want to document for posterity...the night before she was born, Poppy and Linda were at our house. Linda was finishing up the nursery, Poppy (Rob's dad) was working on his laptop, Rob was watching TV and I was posting pictures of her nursery to Facebook when Poppy saw on the Web that a "big announcement" was coming. We quickly changed the channel to CNN and learned that Osama bin Laden had been killed. We stayed up late watching the news, which made our 5 a.m. "showtime" at the hospital more difficult, but at least we arrived knowing Lily Jane would be coming into a world free of bin Laden.

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KJ Druyvesteyn said...

She's SOOOOO beautiful!!! And that hair--how is that possible? Peej is just getting that much at 1 year! You had better have Ang come over & hook you up with even more bows--looks like you are going to need 'em!!!