Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Funnel Cake vs The Funny Tate

In honor of the opening of the State Fair of Texas this weekend, I give you these shots of Tate and his first tastes of funnel cake. (these are actually at Grapefest a few weeks ago...we were just prepping his system for the fair). 

Hmm. What's this. 

Um yeah. That's some good stuff.  

Tums, please. 


Sarah said...

YUMMMMM!! I was just craving funnel cake a few weeks ago myself. I wish I was hangin' out with the Robertsons! I love his "drunk on funnel cake" eye-glaze in the last shot.

Rebekah said...

Why is he wearing clothes? I would think the Tate uniform for eating funnel cake would be "diaper only".

emjay said...

I just know he's thinking, "Where's emjay and the cheese cake?"

pink is the new black said...

Yeah, Jenny, not sure why you were so shocked by the "cheese pizza" thing a few weeks ago...just sayin' after cheesecake and funnel cake, he's pretty much set:)

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

I'm with Tate. I enjoy fried goodness....ALL fried goodness.