Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cheese Pizza?

On Friday I told Tate's teacher that he is really not interested in baby food anymore and that she should feel free to give him small bites of the food that the older kids get. I told her that I give him things like small pieces of toast, small pieces of cheese, pasta, etc.   

So Rob picked Tate up on Friday and brought home his little daily report the "lunch" line where it usually says things like "4 oz of pureed peaches" or "rice cereal with mashed bananas" it said "slice of cheese pizza."  

Slice of cheese pizza?!?  

I guess I did say he could eat bread and cheese. But a "slice of cheese pizza?" Sheesh. He ate better than I did on Friday. 


emjay said...

OMG, Saturday night I gave him a couple of nibbles of cheese cake! What do you suppose all this cheese is going to do to him? Maybe you'd better give him a spoonful of prunes!

pink is the new black said...

girl, you just better give away that baby food...both my girls were eating big people food around 10 months...Graelyn especially...she saw the big kids eating real food and that was it...she'd actually sit underneath Abby's highchair and Abby would drop things to her...they are totally scheming together...they're trouble! Yeah, he's done:)

Rebekah said...

I'll take your leftover baby food. Mary only has two teeth so there is no big person food in her immediate future. BTW, when is Tate's birthday????

The Robertson Family said...

So today his food intake went like this:
1/2 cup cheerios
2 chicken nuggets
mixed vegetables
graham crackers

He basically ate what was on the school menu for the older kids. Holy cow. I am trying to find the video of him eating because I want to see how he ate chicken nuggets. (the daycare has webcams and I can go back in time on them when I get home from work...that is if I don't sit and watch him all day while I'm at work).

And Bek -- his bday is October 24. Coming up!

Jennifer said...

AMAZING! Your life is about to simplify! Before long, real milk, real food, real good times! You may have already experienced this but with all the "realness" he is getting, look out for the "real" poop!

Oh-and this could explain the "farts" your husband describes so well over on his blog.

Sarah said...

Tate is trying to out-eat Landon. Good luck, buddy. Landon may have you beat for quite some time. I was SO overprotective. Margaret had 16 teeth by the time she was one and I didn't start giving her big-people-food until like 11 months. Crazy. I still cut up her food. I am paranoid she's going to choke.

The Robertson Family said...

emjay -- i can report that tate does not need any prunes. nope. i can report that for a bonafide fact. And besides, if your great-grandmother can't sneak you bites of cheesecake, then what are great-grandmothers for? I suspect Big Guy will be giving Tate coke floats for breakfast just like Pop...

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

This is Landon's breakfast:
1/2 Yogurt
1/2 banana (or a whole...depends on his mood)
2 pieces of toast

Yep, the kid loves his food. He'd be happy to teach Tate a few things. : )

CJD said...
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the mama said...

Say good-bye to puree, Jenny! By 11mo, M ate only people food - and wouldn't let me help her with any of it! And don't worry about lack of teeth - neither of my kids had ANY teeth on their 1st birthday...and M, at 20mo, STILL only has 7!!

Alexa Noreen Gregoire Stuart said...

Oh,wow, pizza, how exciting. Lexi's doc says we should wait till she's about 5.5 months to feed her anything other than cereal, but she's reaching for our food and making chewing motions when we eat. This weekend I pureed a bunch of squash and peas but I'm scared to death to start feeding her real food. I'd love some advice over at