Monday, September 1, 2008

A boy and his (grandparents') dog

Rob was in Oxford for the Ole Miss/Memphis game over Labor Day weekend, so Tate and I spent a lot of time at my parents' house. I was working a lot (handling my company's communications related to Gustav) so Tate got to par-tay with the g-parents. (see left)

I don't know why he is pants-less with a lampshade on his head and when I ask, the answer I get is "What happens at Grandma's, stays at Grandma's."  Well OK then. 

The highlight of the weekend for Tate was getting to chase my parents' dog Eddie. He started saying "dee-dee" every time Eddie came in sight. He also likes to pet Eddie, and by "pet" I mean grab his hair and pull real hard. 

Well, many of you have heard me fretting over what to do about Tate pulling hair. (He was actually put in "time-out" at daycare for making the rounds and pulling the hair on all the other babies.)
So I leave Tate with Mom, Dad and Eddie and when I co
me back, the dog has no hair! My parents told me that Tate got his hands on Eddie, which I actually believed for a split second. Turns out he was just shaved. Whew. 

Sidebar: The dog is named Eddie because that was Rob's favorite name for our baby -- no lie -- and so when Mom and Dad adopted a dog two months before Tate was born and asked for suggestions for his name, I quickly recommended "Eddie"...then, when Rob learned the dog's name was Eddie, he was very disappointed and said he had picked that name for the baby and was surprised that they somehow had the same name in mind. I just shrugged and said "Oh well, guess we can't use it now...." 


Rebekah said...

Really? Eddie was the name Rob wanted for his kid?

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Good call on having them use up the name "Eddie." That name would have definitely made Tate work harder for friends at school. Well, that and we wouldn't have as much fun with "Eddie" words...

Rebekah said...

HEY--cute picture of Tate from Julie!! (pantless again...he must like it)

pink is the new black said...

I think Tate's theme is "pantless"...sooo, Bek, glad he's with Mary and NOT Graelyn because the Lindbloom's are on the hunt for chastity if you see some online, let me know, we're in the market.
As for the Eddie thing, he's TOTALLY NOT an Eddie, he's a Tate..and Eddie, seriously Rob??? I'm just don't seem an Eddie kind of guy...Eddie's don't wear WHITE shoes and searsucker suits...I'm just sayin'

Jennifer said...

Was NAN in charge of dressing Tate while he was at your parents house and for his 9 month picture?

Eddie is cute for a dog - not a kid. Smart move, Jenny!

Rob said...

Eddie was going to be short for Edmund.

I know, I know -- but hear me out. Edmund is Jenny's father's middle name. Since he was blessed with three girls, his last name won't carry on. And we can't use his first name (Robert) because of my last name (Rob Robertson is silly enough -- Robert Robertson is too much). So I thought naming our son Edmund (first or middle name) would be an appropriate way to carry on the Big Guy's name. Seriously. Well, all that and I do like the name Eddie.

And what's wrong with Eddie, anyway? Eddie is a great name. Eddie is your pal; Eddie makes the teachers laugh; Eddie gets the chicks to come over to the table; Eddie will always help you out of a jam.

If our next child is a boy, I'd still like to name him David Edmund Robertson. Call him Dave or Eddie. Either is fine with me -- I just like real guy names, I guess.

My real name is Kenneth, by the way. But you can still call me Bongo.

Jessica said...


You're so smart! And sneaky. ;)

The Binghams said...

Yes Jennifer, I actually was in charge of his outfit that day! I think I was in charge of the lamp shade as well. This is why I am not allowed to have kids yet.

Sarah said...

Jenny...we have an opposite name issue at our house (that actually resolved itself...). We named our dog Henry b/c we felt like it was a strong name for a German-breed dog (Schnauzer). His middle name is Eugene b/c that is Jeremy's middle name, Jeremy's dad's middle name, and Jeremy's mom's dad's middle name. It was expected that we'd pass it down in the family. Jeremy hates that we gave it to the dog. There. We passed it down.

Now, the problem. Back in 2001, I loved the name Henry for a DOG. Now, in 2008, I love the name Henry for a BOY (human--not dog). I think we could name our next child--should it be a boy--Henry--but call him Hank. Hank Upchurch is a good, strong name. Jeremy says that in no way can we name a kid the same name or derivative of that name as the dog's name. Booo. Hisss.

But, like I said, it's fixed itself. Henry has been listed on the "top 100" of boy names here and there (depending on the publisher). Once a name appears on that list, it immediately gets deleted from my list of choices. So, Henry's out. I'm not a trendy-name kind of girl.

I haven't seen Eddie on that list...and, personally, I kind of like Eddie. But then again, my kid's name is Margaret. So, maybe I'm not a good name critic.

the mama said...

jenny - tell rob i taugh a dodson and a dobson (both last names as first) and have a friend named Dod - so there is always that! should def. trump Eddie....dodson was on our short list for W!

Rob said...

Sarah --
Your dog has a middle name?

Rob said...

And I wouldn't worry about naming your kid after the pet; Jenny was named after my cat.

Sarah said...

Rob--Yes...Henry Eugene Upchurch. Like I said, we had to pass the Eugene down somehow--so we gave our dog a middle name. It is funny at the Vet's office, though, when they call for, "Henry Eugene."

It still cracks me up that you had a cat named Jenny (funny name for a cat)...and then married a Jenny. Praise God your cat's name wasn't Whiskers.