Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm baaaack!

As the kids continue hitting milestones, I've realized how little I've been documenting it outside of Facebook. So, I'm back to updating the blog, but am admitting on the front end that I may not be as creative as in the past. 

So, since May 2012, here's a partial list of memorable events: 
  • Tate turned 5 with an Angry Bird party
  • We took a family vacation to Houston and Galveston
  • Lily Jane turned 2 with a Kentucky Derby party 
  • Rob started a new job at Texas Health Resources
  • Tate continued going to school at Tarrant County College Children's Center and LJ was cared for by family friend Kathy Hartwell
  • We took a family vacation to Portland with the Robertson cousins 
  • We moved to Memphis because of Jenny's job at FedEx
  • Rob started working at the Memphis Business Journal
  • Tate started kindergarten at Grace St. Luke's 
  • LJ started preschool at Christ Methodist Day School (and subsequently started talking finally and hasn't stopped since!) 
  • We had family come visit us from all over in the fall of 2013 for Ole Miss football games 
  • Tate turned 6 and had a spy themed party
  • LJ turned 3 with a bug-themed party at the Memphis Botanic Garden 
  • We took a family vacation to Destin with the Binghams and stayed with cousin Sara
  • We went to Texas for the fourth of July and the kids got to spend a week at Camp Mia and Big Guy 
  • Tate learned to swim (finally!) 
  • LJ had her first dance recital 
  • There were t-ball games and karate lessons for Tate

Now that we're all up to speed, I'll be back more often to keep posting...

Oh, and here's what the kids look like now: 

2 comments: said...

Glad to see you restarted this. I visited months ago and enjoyed seeing stuff i'd forgotten about.

Jeffrey F said...

Hello mate great blog.