Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lily Jane's Fiesta!

Lily Jane's birthday party was held the Saturday after her May 2 birthday. Which happened to be May 5. As in the 5th of May. As in CINCO DE MAYO! Aaaiiieee!

How often can you have margaritas at a kid's birthday party? We had to seize the day. 

I started by saying I wanted a "classy" Cinco de Mayo party, but a few trips to Party City and a 6 ft inflatable cactus ring toss beer cooler later, and we had the equivalent of a Tijuana Spring Break.  

But see, we started classy! Look at the pretty invites featuring papel picado! 
I had papel picado hanging throughout the house, to carry through with the theme. 

The spread featured just dips and chips and some taquitos. We used inverted sombreros on a tiered server to hold the chips. That was the extent of my creativity when it came to the food. 

Of course there were margaritas
My very favorite party decoration were the hombre cake pops that my mother made. How awesome are they? 

And the focal point of our decorations: the aforementioned inflatable cactus ring toss beer cooler.  It was quite the conversation piece and a lot of fun. 

Obligatory pinata bashing
For cake time we brought out the family heirloom napkin poncho that has been passed down by Tate and Blake. 

My mother also created this "streetscape" for picture posing.  The guests each got their own sombreros and really, really loud maracas. You're welcome, Parents. 

La Familia

Lily Jane received several special gifts, including this doll from my parents. It was made just for her based on a baby picture of LJ. Love the hair! It is sure to become a beloved doll.  And I love this picture of my grandmother Mama June showing the doll to LJ.  She also received an add-a-pearl necklace from Nannysippi, starting a tradition that my paternal grandmother also started for me on my first birthday. 

And just when you're thinking, "But this all looks like a perfectly normal birthday party".....

Things got a little hairy. 

Any party that ends with mustachioed babies is a good party by my standards.  Feliz Cumpleanos Lily Jane!!

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gcotharn said...

Still, I want a #$%@ flyover! Maybe by the Mexican Air Force.