Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Montessori Miracle

I don't think Tate is picking up on the Mandarin he is supposed to be learning at his Montessori school, but he IS learning more important things, like...

Drinking from a cup!

Wiping his mouth!

Pushing in his chair!

I'll take those things over Mandarin any day, xiexie very much.

(Yes, I had to google "thank you" in Mandarin)


The Binghams said...

They give kids BEER at Montessori school?! Man, they know how to party.
Tate is such a gentleman. However... I do not believe he is actually pushing in his chair in that picture. The glance over the shoulder is a "is anyone seeing me do this?" look. And, the tilt of the chair is more of a being pulled tilt than a pushing tilt. I think he knows everyone is distracted at the party so he is taking the chair to climb up to reach something he isn't supposed to have. Most likely, more baby beer.

The Robertson Family said...

Damn. I gotta remember that people who actually KNOW my child read these things....