Thursday, October 29, 2009

Two Years Old

Tate is two. Wow. A few pairs of Tate's favorite things right now....

His favorite two sayings:
1. "I did dit!" -- he says this after doing just about anything...picking up his toys, climbing onto the couch, showing me his artwork from school.
2. "Okay!" -- This is his new favorite word and he says it very enthusiastically anytime we ask him to do something.

His favorite two friends:
1. Emerson -- a little girl at school. Her birthday was a few weeks ago and he sings "Happy Birthday dear Emerson" over and over.
2. Ani -- a little boy at school. His teacher says Ani and Tate like to play together all the time. When she pulls out the non-Montessori toys in the afternoon, they always pick the cars and share with each other.

His favorite two songs:
1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
2. The Happy Birthday song.

His favorite two toys:
1. "Choo Choo" table -- he wakes up and says "choo choo" first thing and points toward our game room.
2. Cozy Coupe -- he drives this all over our house and always parks it carefully in the same place every night. When he leaves for school, he gives the car a hug and kiss and says "Bye Bye Cah!"

His favorite two things:
1. "Ah panes" (airplanes) -- he spots them way before we ever see them.
2. "Ig Tuck" (big truck) -- he thinks 18-wheelers are way cool.

His favorite two activities:
1. Playing golf.
2. Playing chase.

And at his two year appointment this week, he had the following measurements:

Height - 34.5 inches (50%)
Weight -- 28.2 lbs (50%)
Head -- 20 inches (90%


Big Guy said...

On his two favorite sayings, you do know that "Okay" and "No" can somtimes sound alike when he says them?

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

He looks like such a little man! Too cute!

Welcome to the world of 2, Tate! A world full of 'tude, opinions, A.D.D., and constant talking!!! : )