Thursday, October 15, 2009

Disney World

I'm finally recovering from our trip to Disney World last week...before you think I lost my mind taking a two-year-old to Disney, please note that (1) I was already going for work; (2) Tate is still under 2 years old and flies free and gets in the park free; (3) My parents are awesome and agreed to come as well so they could watch Tate while I was working. (Rob went to Oxford for Alabama game). But all that being said, yes, you would be right if you think I lost my mind taking a two-year-old to Disney.

But he had a blast and so did we. Some pics:
Loving his Pluto balloon animal at the Friday-night carnival

Trying the Ring Toss

Now THIS is a carnival game that Tate can win at. Pick a Duck!

Then it was on to Disney....

Jazz Hands!

Looking cool with Big Guy

Cheesin it up in the Mouse ears...

...and on the Carousel

Getting driving lessons from Big Guy. Hmmm. Big Guy usually points only one finger at the people in front of him, not his whole hand...

Tuckered out. Just like the Rebs were that afternoon.

After Disney, we headed to my cousin Beth's house for dinner with Beth's family, cousin Meg and her son Penn, and Uncle Howard and Aunt Trisha, who gave Tate this car holder (and he hasn't stopped playing with it since.)

After watching a pitiful Ole Miss loss to Alabama, Tate headed to cousin Hunter's room and came out wearing this:
It's a Florida helmet. We can't really blame him.

Then, the cousins came to the hotel on Sunday to swim in the Lazy River. Tate clearly had a blast with Hunter, Beth and Sarah Beth!

And then we headed home on Sunday. I don't have any pictures of our flight home because I didn't have time to take any due to my constant efforts to peel Tate off the floor of the airplane where he kept hurling himself screaming and crying. Yes, we were your worst flying nightmare.

But despite that ending, it was a great time and Tate loved hanging out with his Big Guy and Mia!

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Sarah said...

I am totally jealous that you got to take him to the happiest place on earth! I love that he got to enjoy it with MM and BG! What a great memory.