Friday, September 4, 2009

Tate Words - College Football Edition

Thanks to friends Lauren and Jeremy who came up with a new "Tate" Word for us by giving Tate this t-shirt on our recent trip to Jackson. We had to swallow our pride to post this one, but in honor of the start of College Football this weekend...

Mississippi STATE

Hey, don't take my picture in this ugly maroon shirt!

See, even my Dad doesn't like it.

Tate tells us how he feels about State...Losers!

Rob asked that I point out that Tate scored as many touchdowns against Ole Miss last year as State did. He also said we can't make fun of the shirt and school that much since the shirt came from an award-winning BBQ champion and we want to stay on his good side....

Hotty Toddy!


pink is the new black said...

those pictures are just too cute...I have a word for you "hesitate" because he does, he honestly does when he's in public...just sayin'...a thought;) I'll try to think of more!

LKW said...

Upon further Rob strategically wearing a Rebels shirt in the background? And how long did it take you to get Tate to make the Losers sign?! HA! This is just too funny. Thanks for playing along.

The Robertson Family said...

Ang -- you are so right about "hesitate!" I should have taken a picture at the bounce place of him looking at the stuff with a "WTH?" look on his face.

Lauren - yes, Rob has a Rebels shirt on. Had to balance the pic,of course! And the Losers sign picture is hilarious because I didn't even teach him that. I snapped a bunch of pictures and then was looking through them and saw that. He was actually just rubbing his eye. I cracked up.