Monday, September 7, 2009

Blog on Break

I'm working in Hawaii for the next 8 days without any time for the blog, but once again Rob is chronicling his (mis)adventures as a single Dad on Bongo Tomfoolery. Let's hope he has less to write about since last time I was gone for a week and Tate got the croup. And don't forget to click on his links. They are usually laugh out loud funny. I think he spends more time finding the links than he does writing the blog.

Anyway, I know a lot of people with children must travel for work, but that doesn't make it any easier. And I know that I get to go to fun places like Cabo and Kona and that people don't feel real sorry for me. But I still don't like it. Two years ago, I'd be living it up and planning my next trip. Now, I'm sitting in my hotel room looking at a picture of Tate and wondering what new words he is saying today.

I know a lot of people without kids say they don't want chidren because they couldn't do things like travel. I was one of them at one point. But now I know that it isn't that you CAN'T travel anymore it's that you don't WANT to travel anymore. And if something makes you wish you were home in a toy-strewn playroom with a sippy cup being hurled at you instead of on a beach eating pineapple, then that 'thing' must be pretty cool.

Ok, enough wistfulness. I have some pineapple to go eat.


emjay said...

Wish I could say you're breaking my heart but it wouldn't be sincere. I just wish I were there eating pineapple with you. Enjoy, enjoy!!

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

As long as you're there, enjoy! Soon enough you'll be home dodging the sippy cups and golf balls. : )

SpecialK said...

It's the jet lag talking. She'll have a mai-tai and some retail therapy and be fine in the morning!

RyderCHutton said...

I think it's sweet. And I can totally relate... although I gave up any bit of fun travel for the sippy cup playroom... and well, I'm bitter about it... some days, and others I know how lucky I am. Anyways, love that you are loving mommy hood - with we were closer to do it together!