Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tate the Womanizer

When Rob dropped Tate off at daycare on Monday, one of the teachers made a point to stop him in the hall and tell him that all the teachers love Tate and "he is quite a womanizer." We laughed and figured she probably meant "Ladies Man" or "Flirt."

Um, no, apparently she meant womanizer.

Because today when I dropped Tate off, the mother of a girl in his class told me that last night they were saying prayers and her daughter repeated after her, "God Bless Mommy...God Bless Daddy..." and then there was a pause and the little girl said "And God Bless Tate!"

And when I picked him up today, he went up to each of the three girls who were left and gave them each a hug goodbye. One of them actually cried as we were leaving.

Yep, I think she meant womanizer.

In other news, Tate has become obsessed with airplanes. We have been making frequent trips to DFW's observation area lately where Tate loses his mind every time a plane lands. If you live in the area, it's a great, wide open (free) place to take your kids. (Yes, I've been informed it is also a high school makeout spot. My sister Nancy was the one who gave me perfect instructions on how to get there...hmmm...)

(Even womanizing the sculpture at the observation area?)


emjay said...

He can't help it if all the girls are just crazy about him!!

KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Hello! Look at the kid....could he be any cuter? He's workin' it....I pity the girls in Junior High and High School. You'll have fun Saturday nights counting the drive by's of your house that girls do....