Monday, August 10, 2009

Important Decisions

A major decision is upon us, and it's just too big for me to decide on my own. So I am asking for your help:

What should Tate be for Halloween?

As a recap, Tate was born a week before Halloween, which happens to be my favorite holiday. Here's a quick trip down memory lane....

Halloween 2007
Tate the Air Freshener.

Halloween 2008
Tate the King

Halloween 2009?? You decide!

I have listed four options in the top right corner of my blog. Please vote. Here's a quick description of my initial ideas. (Feel free to post any additional ideas in the comments section).

1. The Tater Tot -- The inspiration for this is Tate's nickname. I envision some brown felt formed into a cylinder with holes cut out for his arms. A little red fabric on his head for the ketchup. And a treat bag in the shape of a ketchup packet. We have a costume party to attend as a family, so I am already thinking that I can be a carhop and Rob can be a fry cook (since he refuses to dress like a bottle of pooper.) Benefits: There won't be another Tater Tot in North Texas, for sure! Drawbacks: Brown felt cylinder has potential to look know...poop.

2. The Golfer -- This is an off-the-rack Halloween costume that is just too cute. Rob could dress as a caddy. I could be the cart girl. Or a golf ball. Or a tee. I don't know. Benefits: Comfortable and easy. Drawbacks: I would totally be stealing the idea from my friend Courtney who did this a couple years ago.

3. Elvis during the Army Years -- this is actually a continuation of last year's Elvis costume. I was thinking Tate could be a different stage in Elvis' life every year. You know...Army Elvis, Blue Hawaii Elvis, Fat could go on and on into his teenage years. Benefits: No more worrying every year about how to dress Tate for Halloween. Drawbacks: Future therapy bills.

4. Delivery driver for a major overnight shipping company -- When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight (as in awake all night) Tate is your man. His sleeping patterns make him destined to work for my employer (whom I'm reticent to name), so why not start him early? I could get some children's clothing from the company store and give him some boxes to deliver in his wagon (fill the boxes with candy to give others). I could even pay homage to "Castaway" with a little Wilson volleyball in his wagon. Benefits: Starts getting him to bleed purple early. Drawbacks: Gets me in trouble with the Brand police at work.

So what do you think?


gcotharn said...

Tater tot! Go with light golden beige-y felt. Rob can be a corn dog, and smuggle whiskey inside a plastic mustard bottle. Get Sonic to sponsor the outfits. Or, borrow the Sonic mascot outfit.

Here's the thing: you can get Tate to be a golfer or a delivery man at any age.

However, when he's 4,5,6,7,8 years old, you cannot get him to be a tater tot. He will react like the kid in "A Christmas Story" who was forced to wear the bunny suit.

I also love Elvis through the years. Next year.

The Binghams said...

I'm with Greg!!! Tater Tot! Even if the outfit does end up looking like a little s#@*... it will still be fitting for him. :)

pink is the new black said...

OK, tater tot for sure...but I have some thoughts on how we can actually MAKE him look like a tater tot and not a big hunk of Rob's call me and we'll talk...seriously, you have a costume designer as a friend, use me!! love you girl

LKW said...

I have to agree...TATER TOT! That is the cutest idea ever. Runner up..."the company who shall not be named" delivery man. Of course, I love the rebirth of Courtney's golfer and plan on stealing that one for myself one day, too. She needs to start renting out the caddy outfit.

emjay said...

Have you noticed that all your friends and most of your relatives (I am the lone exception) are goofy?

By God's Design said...

I'm struggling to come up with ONE idea for Britton, while you have four fantastic ideas! Though, I wouldn't expect anything less. Love the Tater Tot theme, but ... well, love the other ideas too! Can't wait ...

katywingo said...

I've gotta go with the one where he is dressed as the delivery guy -the only possible way the tator tot idea might come off is if he were in a (likely uncomfortable)Sonic container of tots...otherwise, you've got the inescapable look-alike problem you mentioned. I'm just trying to help you avoid those therapy bills you mentioned here.

Unknown said...

Tater Tot is a great idea. I love it. I can't wait to see pictures!