Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day Splash

After Father's Day lunch, we couldn't resist letting Tate run through the fountains outside the restaurant. It just looked too tempting as we watched the other kids playing. It may be our new favorite "park" in Flower Mound. 





KJ Druyvesteyn said...

So cute! We went to the The Maccaroni Grill in Keller/Ft. Worth but it certainly doesn't have the fun fountain to play in! I guess you have to go to fancy FloMo for that, huh?

The Robertson Family said...

Ha -- yeah, if you call "Pollo y Salsa" Mexican restaurant in a strip mall "fancy," then yeah, you have to go to fancy FloMo!!

And I do want everyone to know that there were a bunch of kids running around in the fountains as well...we weren't the only redneck family. I was just careful to keep them out of the pictures because I didn't want the parents to freak out about having theirs kids' picture taken by a stranger. But this (taking your kids to a strip mall and letting them run around barefoot in the fountains) is actually a popular thing to do out here in the sticks, and I just found out about it.

SpecialK said...

You know, E.coli might just be good for croup!!

the mama said...

oh, playing in fountains is big here, too. we are def. why would they install a fountain that a kid can just walk up to and walk right through if they didn't want anyone to play in it?? fun times. starting in May I carry SEVERAL changes of clothes whenever we leave the house. someone is ALWAYS getting wet!

pink is the new black said...

OK, funny story about playing in random water...there's a place on the corner here in the "W" where water pools after it rains so the day after that huge storm, we were outside playing...Jackson and Julia were over Jenny (HA!) and Gwen spotted the water and she and Grae ran over to play in it because that's what they always do! Anyway, Jackson and Julia followed suit only to hear Noel say, "that is ghetto" and I said, "WT is the only way to be!" I LOVED it...who cares, they're kids, let kids be kids and drink out of H20 hoses more often, we did and while crazy, we're still relatively healthy (if you don't count Rob's alcoholism and Jenny's crack addiction)...see you Saturday!!!!