Thursday, January 1, 2009

Name that Caption

In honor of the New Year, I am introducing a new regular blog feature called "Name that Caption."  Here's how it works: I post a picture and people suggest captions for it.  

This originally started on my old blog when my Aunt Cathie put out the call for a better caption for a pitiful picture of Tate. Click here for that.  Then, my Mom forwarded the picture below (courtesy of daycare webcam) to a few family members and asked for captions.  (Tate is the one with his head thrown back): 

The suggestions: 

From Mom and Dad: 
"Try a little deodorant next time're killing me over here." 

"OK...ONE more round of grape juice but then I really got to be going." 

From Aunt Kathy (Special K): 
"Not the 'uncool table' with the booger eaters....Noooooo!" 

From Bongo: 
Cheerios for breakfast? Cheerios? Are you KIDDING ME?! Freaking CHEERIOS? AGAIN?!?! DAMMIT!!! What's a guy gotta do to get grapefruit around here?!? 

From Nancy: 
"Hey guys! My dad has been taking me to the bar with him...he taught me how to throw nuts in the air and catch them in my mouth. Watch me do it with these cheerios!" 

From Todd (you must note the hanging lion in forefront of picture): 
"Dear God, thank you for turning Ricky into a stuffed lion...but what the hell about these other two?" 

"What? We aren't charging users to look on the webcam??? How are we going to make a profit this year?!?!" 

From Brooke: 
"No Billy, I don't have proof, but there must be a camera somewhere...I sense we're being watched."

And this one from Brooke is the funniest, but only if you know that she did this exact thing when she was about three: 
"Ok everybody, do like me! If a teacher asks you to sit up, tell'er....'I'm deeeead'..." 

Too fun.  So, here's a new picture...please submit any caption suggestions in the comments field! 


Sarah said...

YEA! We sometimes play this game when Jeremy sends a funny pic out to the fam via email. He comes up with good captions...I'll see if he will play.

My caption (talking to the kid looking out from the bookcases):
Hey Tyson, while Jimmy's occupied with himself in the mirror and teacher's got her back turned, I'm gonna drag this one out into the hallway. I'm sick of her no good, lying, cheating, dirty, double crossin' ways. I told her I was sitting on the C today...and da#n it I will one way or the other.

(FYI--A portion of the quote was taken from Home Alone's Angles with Filthy Souls...).

The Robertson Family said...

ROTFL!! Good one, Sarah!! Right after I posted this I had blogger's remorse wondering if anyone else would think this kind of thing was fun besides my family. I think the branches of both our family trees must cross each other somewhere!

Sarah said...

We should probably figure that out at some point in case Tate wants to marry Mary.

LKW said...

Here it goes...
"Alright missy. You've got to the count of three to bring the blocks back or Susie here gets it."

You crack me up, by the way. WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO JXSON!!!

LKW said...

Me again...just thought of one for the first picture.

(as spoken by the little boy in blue)
"OK guys, I think he's out. Who has the sharpie?" heehee.

emjay said...

Watch it, Susie. You're next right after I get through with Marie Antionette here!

emjay said...

New Tate word. DecapiTATE.

Sarah said...

I just thought of one for the first picture as well...
Tate talking:
Oh COME ON!! Are you serious, Jimmy?! WHAT did you eat last night?! TEACHER!! We need a diaper change at the round table. I repeat...we need a diaper change at the round table. For real, Jimmy, that smell is not right.

Rebekah said...

Hey, purple girl with the pacie...see how I am burrowing this airplane into jumper dress girl's head. Yea, I'll do it to you too and you'll like it. I'm freakin' Tate Robertson so you'll like it!

The Robertson Family said...

Y'all are all cracking me up!! And LKW -- the sharpie comment is everyone else, Rob "fell asleep" (aka passed out) at a party several years ago, and little Miss LKW helped decorate him with a sharpie...let's just say I have pictures and if Bongo doesn't do some yardwork by Sunday, they are going on the blog....

And I was asked what Tate is putting on the girl's head...that's actually her hair. It's tied up in a little whale spout like that everyday.

gcotharn said...

This is the calm submissive state we are looking for. If she begins to get excited, or tries to show dominance, we have to put in the correction .. ssst *snap* .. just like that. See?

Rebekah said...

ooohh..good Dog Whisperer reference!

Jennifer said...

When Cindy Lou Whoo's mom put her hair up like this today, what did she think the one year old boys were gonna do to it?