Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Traditions

Tate is too young to fully understand Christmas yet, but he still was introduced to our family traditions. 

On Christmas Eve, we had all of my Mom's family (20+ guests) to our house for dinner and presents. Tate strutted his stuff greeting all the guests. 

We also opened gifts. This is Tate's last year to be an only grand-child and only great-grandchild on my Mom's side of the family since my sister Nancy and cousin Jade are both expecting next summer! He had to live it up while he could.  

We also continued a 32-year tradition by welcoming Jonathan Marshall to the family. (He married my cousin Sara this past summer.) We have a, ahem, "beautiful" plastic peacock that has been formally presented to the newest family member every Christmas Eve since 1976. The story behind it is long, but funny. Welcome to the family, Jon. You better take care of that precious family member (oh, and take care of Sara, too)...

And then we started a new Post Family tradition. Sara cooked! 

After a fitful night of sleep which we thought was excitement over Santa coming but then realized was actually because of a 101.5 fever, Tate woke up to find that Santa came! Tate loved seeing the new toys and couldn't figure out which to play with first. We then went to Big Guy and Mia's where Big Guy made our traditional Christmas breakfast of eggs benedict.

Tate looks at Eddie's ears with resignation...assuming they will be put on him next. Don't worry Tate! No more silly outfits now that you are 1! 

We ended with Christmas night at my Aunt Kathy's, where we always play board games and open "crackers" which contain bad jokes, silly toys, paper crowns and, sometimes, a Hitler-style mustache. (if anyone has a picture of Kathy in the 'stache, please send!) 

We're looking forward to future Christmases with Tate and very excited that he will have a new cousin on BOTH sides of the family (Rob's brother Chris and wife Sarah are expecting a girl any day now) next Christmas to share it with! 


SpecialK said...

Cute pics! But did Big Guy just bonk Tater on the head with that hammer-thingy? Boys!

Anonymous said...

I finally made the blog!! My Christmas wish came true! - Sara M

Rebekah said...

Nice traditions! AND, your cousin Sara poses well with a pumpkin loaf---Food Network style.

Rebekah said...

Hey---were we wearing the same outfit? Purple sweater???

Sarah said...

Was Sara's wedding the wedding that you wore the peacock earrings to? I'm just wondering if [at the wedding] you were foreshadowing the plastic peacock that was to come for her new husband.

The Robertson Family said...

Sarah -- you are the QUEEN of observation! YES, that was the wedding to which I wore peacock earrings. I hadn't thought of the connection...hilarious!

Rebekah -- Yep, we were both doing the purple sweater thing at Christmas. You, however, had on makeup and looked nice. I woke up, picked it up off my floor, shook it out and threw it on as we got in the car to head to my parents'.