Sunday, August 10, 2008

Curls and Teeth

Not much new to report, so thought I'd share some pictures of Tate's curling hair and crazy teeth.

Frat boy! Check out the curls behind his ear. 

Tate's two front teeth haven't come in yet, but the ones to either side have, giving him a vampire look. I tried to find a non-creepy picture of Dracula to do a "Separated at Birth" feature, but alas, Dracula just doesn't look right next to my sweet boy. But once those teeth come in a little more, he may be ready for a "Separated at Birth" with this guy: 

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I LOVE this pic! I thought I had already commented...but I guess I just thought my comment and never typed it.
Anyway...who does Tate look like? Are there hints of your dad in his eyes? I've not really been able to see a great picture of Big Guy...

Love the plaid shorts, too. You have such great taste.