Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Blog

Although I am a huge fan of my Mac, its Web publishing capabilities are limited, so I am crossing over to blogspot. You can still get to our old site here, but new posts will be made here instead.

So here is a ridiculous picture of Rob and me at my cousin Sara's wedding this past weekend. I share this picture because after all of the prep that went into getting ready for this wedding -- hair highlighted, new dress, nails done, fake tan and fabulous peacock feather earrings -- this is the only picture that was taken of us. We look like two 21-year-olds who are finally able to drink. Of course, since Tate was staying with a friend that night, it's kind of how we felt.

(10 points if you spot the guy picking his nose in this picture.)


the mama said...

i love love the 'to the moon and back' pic. what a precious boy! oh, and welcome to blogspot!
cousin em

By God's Design said...

Love your new blog! Blogger is super easy as I'm sure you've already found. Okay ... are those babylegs that Tate is wearing in the 'to the moon and back' picture? Sooo cute! Britton has a pair but they're too big at the moment. I look forward to your blogs on little man Tate.

pink is the new black said...

well girl, I see the picker but what I really want to do is pick Rob's nostrils!!! He's flairing for real!!!! Hey, we need to get together soon...I'm teaching Sunday School next week, ha ha...now they are mine, all mine..ha ha ha:) Yeah, we're on here too...go figure:)