Sunday, January 15, 2012

Conversations with Tate

Talking with Tate is getting more and more interesting lately....two conversations from this weekend follow:


Tate and Lily Jane were both in the bath looking up at me. I decide to take the moment to begin planting the seeds about my future nursing home...

Me: Tate, when you and Lily Jane pick a place for Daddy and me to live when we are old, what kinds of things will you look for?

Tate: It should have lots of balloons.

Me: That sounds nice. Anything else?

Tate: And a bounce house.

Me: Ok, sounds fun. Anything else?

Tate: (thinks for a moment)  No, that's it.

Me: Well, I hope you come see me a lot.

Tate: If you have a bounce house, I will.


Today, Tate yelled for me to come see him in the bathroom...

Tate: Look Mommy, I went poop in the potty!

Me: (looking in)  Oh, that's "diarrhea."

Tate: (looking confused)  My poop has a name?!?

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