Sunday, March 20, 2011


So I thought about making this a "Separated at Birth" installment, but that just seemed too mean... but if I DID, it would include a picture of this guy: to a picture of Tate.

But since I would never post a picture of maniac Charlie Sheen on my son's blog, I will just explain that Tate's new obsession is "winning." And by "winning" I mean beating me to the car, beating other cars at stoplights, being the first to get to the kitchen table, etc, etc.

At church a few weeks ago the pastor called for the children to come down for the children's sermon. Tate sprinted to the front, turned around with his fists in the air and yelled "I win!"

He also gets upset when someone passes me on the highway. He says "Mommy, that car is now winning! You need to go faster!" and he says this in a very authoritative, irritated tone.

I've used this to my benefit as well. When trying to get a picture of Tate with his cousin Blake, only Blake would smile. So I said "Blake is winning at smiling for the camera." Instantly, we had a smiling Tate.

I must admit he comes by it honestly. I'm told that when I was the same age, my mom was teaching me how to dress myself and I asked her "How do I win at this?"

So I really can't fault him. Duh...winning!

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KJ Druyvesteyn said...

Duh....he's winning like a bazillion to zero.