Saturday, December 18, 2010

Coming in May 2011: Lily Jane Robertson

We are thrilled to announce that a baby GIRL will be joining our family in May. We had planned to have the doctor put the answer in an envelope for us to open on Christmas with our family. However, I am not good at waiting for surprises. And Rob wanted to find out before everyone else did, which I understood. So we had the sonographer tell us...GIRL! And then we were so excited we couldn't wait to share the news, so I took Tate to see Santa and made a little sign:
Rob called his out-of-town family and then we used the picture to tell my family at dinner that night. We have known our girl name since we got married. My mom's name is Janet Lillian. Rob's mom is Lillian Janette. Both of their maternal grandmothers were Lillians. And so, not only is it very special, but I also absolutely love the name. So Lillian Jane Robertson it shall be! I plan to call her Lily Jane but Rob is already calling her just Lily or "LJ." We'll see what sticks when we meet her.

And thank goodness it was a girl because Rob was pushing for Archie or Augie as a boy name which meant I was pushing my family to get new pets to name Archie and Augie just to cancel out those names. (How do you think my parents got a dog named "Eddie" three years ago???)

Ok, enough about all that. I have some girl shopping to do....

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Big Guy said...

I think you need to reconsider the name. How are we going to play Lily Words? Lily-pution, SiLily? I'm already at a loss.