Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Boot Camp

Tate's first Easter Egg hunt with his relentless trainer, baby Blake...

"Do I really have to do this? Seriously?"

"You heard me. We've been practicing for this moment all week. NOW GET OUT THERE AND HUNT ME SOME EGGS....GRRRRR."

"Yes sir. Yes, Mr. Blake....

whatever you say Mr. Blake...."

"Here. Does THIS make you happy?"

"Let's get a closer look. Yes. Now THIS, THIS is what I call a successful hunt. Nice work."

"Oh no! Oh now you've done it. You've ruined it! Eggs have spilled everywhere!"

"And what is this?!?!? A GREEN EGG?!? YOU KNOW I HAAATE GREEN EGGS! Get back to the prison yard."

"Sheesh. Somebody has Little Man Syndrome...."

"Wait a minute. Is he out of his pen and back there behind me?! Gah."

"Oh. Hellooo ladies."

"Hmm. Maybe green eggs aren't so bad after all if they bring the ladies..."

"Ok, we can be friends again!"

Happy Easter!

1 comment:

The Binghams said...

"Oh. Hellooo ladies." LOL Blake was with me when I looked at this. He was not pleased with all my laughter. He kept giving me the "you're next, lady" look.