Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Things they don't warn you about parenthood:

1. If you say a curse word loud enough for your 2-year-old to hear, you will get a report from daycare one day informing you that he has taught his classmates this new word and they are now repeating it. A lot.

2. If you leave your laptop unattended in your toddler's room while you go to get his fourth-requested cup of water for the night, you will return to find all of the keys removed.

3. If your child is potty-training, you may receive an email at work from his daycare teacher with the subject line "Poopy Underwear." Just be careful that it doesn't pop up on your screen while an IT person is working on your computer.


emjay said...

Love it! Those are just a few of the joys of parenthood. There are many, many more. I have a story or two that could curl your hair!

SpecialK said...

HAHA!! At least he didn't do any e*trading with "MILK-A-WHAT" on your laptop :p

Denny, Kathryn, Collier, Ellis and Flynn said...

Classic! Love it..

pink is the new black said...

that's hilarious Jenny!! This goes along with the time that Ely put a cooking pot on his head and said, "Look mom! I'm a pot head!" ha ha ha...or better yet, Nicole was so upset that they were having foundation problems with their house she said,"mommy, I don't want to live in a crack house!" classic!!! I'm just waiting for the girls to say something they shouldn't...although Graelyn likes to say, "we don't say oh gosh, we say oh goodness" it's like she knows she gets to say it eventhought "technically" she's not:)