Sunday, November 29, 2009

Review: Audi A4

I am going to start periodically providing reviews of products I absolutely love or absolutely hate. First up: the Audi A4.

The Audi A4 is the perfect car for someone who loves surprises -- every morning you will be surprised if the window works or not. It's also excellent for the car game enthusiast who loves that game where you punch someone in the arm when you see a "cockeye" car with only one headlight. Yes, when you drive the A4, you will get to imagine all the people passing by you, getting punched in the arm. And do you love the smell of gasoline? Then the A4 is the car for you! You not only get to buy premium gas, but the gas tank will always shut off the pump after only one gallon has gone in. And I can't forget to mention the family-like atmosphere of an Audi dealership. You will get to know those dealership service guys as if they are your brothers...protective older brothers who won't let you go anywhere else with their precious A4.

Yes, my friends, all this can be yours. Seriously. Just go to to CarMax where I just dumped traded mine in.

Next up: Jenny reviews The Toddler Bed. That amazing invention that lets you think that because you have a 'toddler' you should get one...


KJ Druyvesteyn said...

I feel your pain...but I couldn't help laughing at it either. I mean, it was pretty funny how you described it. I can laugh b/c I, too, once owned a piece of *#^% known as a VW, a Cabrio to be exact. I also got to know my friendly dealership service workers as we had about a 1/week standing date. I was so sick of my Cabrio that I was asking about if I should get an Audi and at least they were nice enough to tell me that I would see them just as often as I had been. The guy actually said "If you never want to see us again, get a Nissan." He was right. I had that Nissan for 4+ years and never had issues.

So, HOW are VW's still so popular? Are people just not honest about the *$^# you have to go through? I mean, seriously!

EBTouchet said...

Can't wait to read about the bed. We booted no. 1 out because we needed the crib. Not this time around, my friend!