Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wedding in Shreveport

Last weekend we went to Shreveport for cousin Catherine's wedding. I am learning that now that Tate is mobile (and rapidly so), we don't get to take as many pictures...but here are a few from the fun weekend with Dodsons from all over the U.S.  

This is  how much of the weekend was spent...chasing Tate. For example, as he runs in front of a friend of the groom giving a thoughtful toast at the rehearsal dinner....
(the rehearsal dinner was a crawfish boil, which explains Tate's shirt.)

At the church awaiting family pictures...

Playing peek-a-boo with the wait staff at the reception. 

My Dad's brothers and sister are scattered around the country and rarely have the opportunity to get together. Here they all are catching up (minus Frank, the father of the bride.) 

Brooke and Portland cousins Stephens and Tanner. 

Playing at Frank and Cathie's house at brunch on Sunday.

It was a fun weekend. Congrats to Cat and Dary!

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