Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tate is very lucky

When Rob and I were dating, we took our pictures in a photo booth, and it morphed our images to show what our offspring might look like. I came across that picture today.

World, meet our love child:

It was excellent birth control for a while. Tate is very lucky he didn't end up looking like the computer predicted. We should probably quit while we are ahead.


laurenbr said...

I don't know why your child would have a perm, but otherwise "it" is pretty cute. Not as cute as Tate, but not bad for a photo machine circa 1997?

emjay said...

OMG! Your morfed love child looks just like middle sister - a real beauty, no kidding.

SpecialK said...

Judging by the teeth, this child looks to be about 5 years old. So that still gives Tate plenty of time! Actually, I agree with emjay. Could possibly be Brooke's love child??? Hmmmm.

By God's Design said...

For some reason, it is even funnier now that a decade has passed (eek!) and now that you have Tate. Although, I remember it being darn funny back in the day. So glad you posted this.

Sarah said...

JENNY!! We did something similar to this when Jeremy and I were in Vegas. We THOUGHT it would be a morphed photo...but it was really some sort of stock photo they just arbitrarily said would be what our kid looked like. We have had it on our fridge ever since. It's ugly.
Your photo, however, it not too bad. I agree, though, and don't know why you'd give your baby a perm.