Saturday, January 24, 2009

Work Trip

I am on a business trip to Hawaii (believe me, I am doing a lot of's actually exhausting).

This is the view from my hotel room.

I still miss Tate.


Sarah said...

Fun times! I would miss Tate, too. Well, actually I'd miss Margaret more.

What island? Did you know Bek and I used to live there? My grandfather's parents were sugercane plantation managers (immigrants from Scotland).

See if you can find a malasada and enjoy a guava-filled one for me!!

Even though you're busy and exhausted, I'm tooootally jealous.

Rebekah said...

please eat a malasada for me too! But not quava filled. I like mine plain. Also, eat some quava jelly on toast. Delish. And drink some lilikoi juice. I miss it. Enjoy your time.

Jennifer said...

Bless your heart!

pink is the new black said...

Oh good honks Cowell are too much...see,this is why my family needs to move somewhere cool like that so my girls will know what the heck that kind of stuff is! Fo real...Jenn...sorry for you that you are in the land of "mahalo!" and rob is at home with brown hearts...

Alexa Noreen Gregoire Stuart said...

I dunno what Malasada is but I love me some Guava Jelly.Guava juice is yummy too. Have fun on your trip. It's threatening to snow and ice here. I'm jealous!

The Robertson Family said...

Cowell girls -- we were on the Big Island in Kona. I understand you gals lived in Hilo? And I don't know nuthin about the salada thingy, but I had LOTS of guava in all shapes and forms. Jelly, juice, butter. Yes, butter.

And Ang -- don't feel too sorry for Rob. He joined me for the second half of the trip and Mom/Dad kept Tate. Rob played lots and lots of golf while I worked.

Jennifer - Yes, I know. It's sad, isn't it? We are taking our top performers to Hawaii in September as a reward, and I had to go do a site visit to test the activities, meet with the vendors, etc. to make sure the September trip is suitable. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Natashia -- don't worry, I came home just in time for the ice. It was a nice jolt back into reality!

Sarah said...

Sometimes our top performers get a special note in the boxes at school. :c) ...not usually a trip to Hawaii. HoHummmm.
Jenny, yes, Hilo is where we are from. We know Kona well. We could drive from one side of the island to the other in about an some Saturday mornings we'd zoom off to Kona for a day at the bigger beaches. Kona is great. I am glad to hear you guys had a good time. Did you take the Coffee "Vineyard" tour along the Kona coast? It's pretty cool.

The Robertson Family said...

Yes! We did the tour at Kona Joe's where they grow coffee on vines. And the coolest thing was when we did a boat ride along that coast and could clearly smell the coffee from out in the middle of the ocean.

I wish I had made it to Hilo. It's definitely on the agenda when I go back.