Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boot Camp at Mia's

While I was away for a week in Hawaii (and Rob joined me for half the trip), Tate got to spend some quality time with Mama Mia and Big Guy. They whipped that boy into shape.

They taught him manners. He now says "thank you." (and uh oh and buh bye)

They taught him to get to sleep on his own. For the last two months, bedtime has been a test of wills involving much chasing and cajoling. Now, all I have to say is "It's nite nite time" and the kid actually walks to his crib and acts like he's trying to climb in. Unbelievable.

Finally, they taught him to work for a living. Observe him mopping the floors in Wal-Mart.

Who needs Super Nanny when you have Mama Mia?


mama mia said...

Next time we'll work on Tate not dropping half-chewed grilled cheese sandwich bites in Mia's open purse on the floor. He has a good aim because I'm still finding them at the bottom of my bag.
He is precious and we'll keep him whenever we can...and he doesn't ever have to eat grilled cheese here again.

emjay said...

Mama Mia, that generous, precious, hard working baby boy was sharing his lunch with those cheese sandwich bites. Be grateful.

Tasting with Tiffany said...

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