Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tate for President

Tate has been making the rounds typical of a politician. Observe...

Shaking hands
Greeting his supporters at a recent family rally

Kissing Babies
This is Britton Giffen who was in town with his parents from Birmingham

Supporting the Working Man
Tate took time on the campaign trail to stop at Henry Dean's second birthday party and listen intently to the plight of Hank and the growing size of hammers. 

Hank then complained that times are so tough, his birthday cake was made of dirt. Tate thought the dirt tasted suspiciously like yummy brownies, but he sympathized with Hank anyway. (Sidebar: LOVE this idea for a birthday cake!)

And then there are the gaffes...

The $15 haircut 
(didn't he learn anything from John Edwards?)

Getting caught on camera with another woman 
(other than his mom)
Fighting off the cameras who snapped him with Emily Giffen, Britton's Mom. 

Yes, Tate is learning all about the ups and downs of the campaign trail as he gears up for 2048. Tate is great in '48! 


emjay said...

Tate has my vote already!

Rebekah said...

why oh why are you so creative?

Alexa Noreen Gregoire Stuart said...

You crack me up. Tate can be president only if Lexi can be his Condi.

By God's Design said...

We are cracking up! So creative you are in tying all these pictures together. Love that we made the blog! We loved seeing you guys while we were in Dallas!